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The Barrday company was founded in 1958 in the USA. It is focusing on the development of advanced fiber reinforcements and pre-impregnated fibers, known as prepregs, as well as ballistic materials and thermoplastic tapes. Customers are primarily from the aerospace, defense, energy and industrial sectors. In addition to several offices in North America – Charlotte (NC, USA), Millbury (MA, USA) and Cambridge (Ontario, Canada) – Barrday also includes branches in Europe, driving global connectivity and presence.

Barrday continuously invests in research and development, technology, process improvement and competence enhancement. In this way, product development is constantly advanced and optimized.

High corporate values – excellent product quality

Barrday’s products are intended for the composites and protection markets. The company’s success lies in its constant pursuit of innovation in technologically advanced fiber reinforcements, prepregs and other material solutions.

The goal of Barrday is to develop products of high quality and reliable performance. And the factor of environmental protection and sustainability is not neglected in the company and development. Products are manufactured in safe and environmentally friendly facilities, all of which are certified to ISO 9001 (principles of good quality management) and, in some cases, AS 9100 (aerospace quality management system).

Woven fabrics and refinements

Barrday ist ein führender Entwickler und For the protective and composite markets Barrday is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced fabrics. These include high-performance fibers such as aramid, basalt, carbon, structural glass and high molecular weight polyethylene. Canvas, basket, twill and satin fabrics, as well as other proprietary fabrics such as Sentinel (quasi-unidirectional) and SOS (multi-layer) are also part of Barrday’s product portfolio.

Coatings and prepregs

As well fabrics and unidirectional prepregs are coated and laminated by Barrday. This is feasible for high-performance fabrics and fibers such as aramid, carbon, E-glass and structural glass. The coating is based on thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems.

Unidirectional composites

Barrday is a technological leader in the design and development of unidirectional materials based on proprietary resin formulations. The portfolio includes composites of aramid and high molecular weight polyethylene, furthermore thermoplastic tapes based on PEKK, PEEK, PEI, PVDF or PPS and others. Barrday can also process fibers made of carbon, structural glass, aramid and ceramics. The advanced materials are particularly well suited to the aerospace, defense, energy and industrial sectors.

Barrday and BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites

Since spring 2021 Barrday and BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites have been cooperating. Hand in hand, both partners are shaping the future of the composites industry. BÜFA distributes thermoplastic UD tapes for Barrday. These are used for industrial applications in many European countries.

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