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BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites - Your partner for cellulose fiber by CORDENKA

Cellulose fiber

Since 1938, CORDENKA has been producing Rayon, an endless multifilament cellulose fiber. Today, CORDENKA produces over 50% of the world's technical cellulose yarn needs. With an annual spinning capacity of 32,000 tonnes and a controlled process, CORDENKA ensures yarn availability for large series as well as consistent quality at a high level.

CORDENKA RAYON'S cellulose origin gives it properties that ensure long lasting dimensional stability and performance.


The product properties of CORDENKA® include:


  • biobased

  • biodegradable

  • low abrasiveness

  • high elongation at break

  • high energy absorption

  • very good dynamic load capacity


The CORDENKA® Product Portfolio

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