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Cordenka® MA1 Super 4

In Cordenka MA1 Super 4 the individual filaments have a slightly larger cross-section, i.e. they are thicker than in Super 2 and Super 3. The yarn is also characterised by a higher tensile modulus, which can be used to reinforce components.


Yarns of other linear densities are available on request.

Furthermore all yarns are also available as chopped fibres with lengths between 2 mm and 125 mm.


The product properties of CORDENKA® include:

  • biobased
  • biodegradable
  • low abrasiveness
  • high elongation at break
  • high energy absorption
  • very good dynamic load capacity

Since 1938, Cordenka has been producing Rayon, an endless multifilament cellulose fibre. Today, Cordenka produces over 50% of the world’s technical cellulose yarn needs. With an annual spinning capacity of 32,000 tonnes and a controlled process, Cordenka ensures yarn availability for large series as well as consistent quality at a high level.

Cordenka Rayon’s cellulose origin gives it properties that ensure long lasting dimensional stability and performance.

Further yarns:

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