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Covestro AG is a materials manufacturer headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany. The name is the fusion of the English words collaboration, invest and strong. The company emerged from Bayer MaterialScience AG. This was spun off 2004 from its parent company, Bayer AG. 2015 it became Covestro AG, now a legally independent company. Therefore the company can draw on a total of more than 80 years of experience in the polymer sector. Covestro now develops and produces at 33 sites worldwide. The focus of cooperation is on Asia, Europe and the USA. The company is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech plastics, particularly polyurethane foams. It is a partner of BÜFA Thermoplastics Composites.

Innovative spirit and sustainability mindset

Covestro is a materials specialist with an innovative spirit and is constantly developing new, forward-looking material solutions for a wide range of industries. The automotive industry, the construction industry, the furniture and household appliance sectors, and the sports, cosmetics and healthcare sectors are just some of the beneficiaries. From refrigerator insulation and laptop housings to environmentally compatible, scratch-resistant automotive coatings, users and end consumers encounter products from Covestro AG.

The company’s main goal is to replace conventional materials with durable, lightweight, environmentally compatible and more cost-effective materials. The focus is also on the use of sustainable raw materials, away from fossil resources. Covestro is already experimenting in production, in some cases very successfully, with raw material sources such as waste, plants and CO2. The company is thus considered a pioneer for climate- and environmentally friendly products and technologies in the materials manufacturing sector.

The leading products: polyurethane and polycarbonate

Three of the company’s business sectors in particular stand out – sorted in descending order by share of Group sales in 2020:

▪ PUR (polyurethanes)
▪ PCS (Polycarbonates)
▪ CAS (Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties)

Polyurethanes are, among other things, precursors for soft and rigid foam. Flexible foam is used primarily in mattresses, upholstered furniture and car seats. As rigid foam it is used, for example, to insulate buildings and refrigeration equipment.

Polycarbonates are used in vehicles, buildings, electrical and electronic equipment and medical apparatus, among other applications. Covestro produces polycarbonates in the form of granules, composites and semi-finished products.

In the CAS segment, Covestro produces precursors for coatings, adhesives and sealants, as well as specialty products such as films. The main areas of application are transportation and traffic, infrastructure, construction, wood processing and furniture.

Covestro and BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites

In response to the growing demand for sustainable materials for lightweight construction that can be as robust as metals, Covestro and BÜFA Thermoplastics Composites have been collaborating since 2019. BÜFA holds distribution rights to Covestro’s Maezio™ brand of thermoplastic UD (unidirectional) tapes.

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