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Tape laying / Tape winding

The laser-supported tape laying or winding is used to manufacture high-performance lightweight components such as aircraft wings. These processes are regarded as a promising option for processing endless fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. Unidirectional tapes, so-called UD tapes, are generally used in the tape laying process. UD tapes are endless fibre-reinforced tapes of different widths with unidirectionally aligned reinforcing fibres in which glass or carbon fibres are embedded so ideally in a thermoplastic matrix that completely new possibilities arise in the production of components.

At first, the tape is pushed forward below the consolidation unit. The laser radiation melts the thermoplastic matrix systems of the tape and the previously placed tape layers (substrate). During this the UD tape is traversed or lowered with the aid of a consolidation roller and pressed onto the substrate so that the thermoplastic melts bond together.

Now there are differences in the further procedure, because during tape laying, the connected thermoplastics are guided over the tool mould in a load-adapted path. On the other hand at the tapewinding process, it moves around a winding core. The UD tape strips away from a supply spindle and is welded to the already processed tapes by continuous laser irradiation.

The winding process is particularly suitable for the production of complex three-dimensional components such as tanks.

Tape Laying
Tape winding

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