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There are many different methods for of thermoforming, for example using vacuum, compressed air or a hydraulic press. For these processes, a distinction is made between the often fibre-reinforced material used as follows: Thinner semi-finished products are called foils, from approx. 1.5 mm they are called plates.

First at the thermoforming process, the foil is heated on one or both sides (depending on the process) in a heating station with a radiant heater. The foil becomes soft and to prevent sagging, it is sightly strechted and held in place with the aid of a clamping frame. If you thermoform with a hydraulic heating press, the foil moves into a pressing tool with a positive and negative stamp and is pressed into the respective mould. After that the component is demoulded and cooled. Finally, the tool is ready and you can add holes for example.

The other methods, such as the vacuum process, are similar, except that the forming process uses a vacuum to pull the foil into the desired shape.


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