Fibre reinforced laminates

What are fibre-reinforced laminates?

These are materials or semi-finished products that consist of several layers (lamina). In our specific case, each individual layer is reinforced with continuous fibres. This can be a woven fabric, in which case we also speak of an organic sheet, but it can also be a structure made of unidirectionally reinforced tapes, in which case we speak of UD tape laminates. Both have in common that they are a fibre composite material, in which the fibres take over the forces in the direction of the fibres and the plastic matrix ensures the initiation and transmission of the forces into the fibre composite.

  • highly resistant lightweight material
  • Individual fibre orientation
  • recyclable
Fibre reinforced laminates

Fibre reinforced laminates

We offer thermoplastic composite laminates (organosheets) in fiber-matrix configurations tailored to your specific application. To achieve an optimal result of material performance and material lightweighting, we use both woven fabric and unidirectional (UD) tapes in laminates. The types of fabric used differ in their weave type, fiber area weight and the reinforcing fiber used.

Furthermore we advise you on the composition of suitable material and fibre combinations for the laminates.


Material configurations

(0,90) Laminate of woven fabric (WF)

in 2×2 twill weave (for e.g. GF/PP)

Specific laminate of unidirectional (UD) layers

for e.g. CF/PA6.

Spezifische Laminate aus unidirektionalen (UD) Lagen (zB. CF/PA6)

Combined laminate (WFUD)

from a quasi-isotropic
UD-layer structure with additional surface layers of woven fabric (for e.g. CF/PA6, GF/PA6).