Fibre reinforced laminates

What are fibre-reinforced laminates?

Depending on the application, we can supply organic sheets with the optimum configuration of reinforcing fibre, fibre orientation and thermoplastic matrix for your specific application.

  • highly resistant lightweight material
  • Individual fibre orientation
  • recyclable

Fibre reinforced laminates

We offer thermoplastic composite laminates (organosheets) in fiber-matrix configurations tailored to your specific application. To achieve an optimal result of material performance and material lightweighting, we use both woven fabric and unidirectional (UD) tapes in laminates. The types of fabric used differ in their weave type, fiber area weight and the reinforcing fiber used.

Furthermore we advise you on the composition of suitable material and fibre combinations for the laminates.

Material configurations

(0,90) Laminate of woven fabric (WF)

in 2×2 twill weave (for e.g. GF/PP)

Specific laminate of unidirectional (UD) layers

for e.g. CF/PA6.

Spezifische Laminate aus unidirektionalen (UD) Lagen (zB. CF/PA6)

Combined laminate (WFUD)

from a quasi-isotropic
UD-layer structure with additional surface layers of woven fabric (for e.g. CF/PA6, GF/PA6).

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