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Overview LFT / LFRT

Long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastics (LFT/LFRT) can be processed by injection molding and are therefore of great importance not only for the automotive industry with regard to the possibility of weight reduction while maintaining high load-bearing capacity for complex components.

In addition, LFT forms by fibres of granulate length which are subjected to the so-called pultrusion process. In this process the fibre strands are continuously drawn through a polymer melt, embedded in the polymer matrix and finally granulated after cooling. The impregnation quality determines the subsequent component quality. So different combinations of polymer matrix and fibre material result in a large variety of possible LFT materials.

SKYi long fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) material uniqueness

  • Impregnation of individual fibres in Pellets
  • Customization of products and consistent quality
  • No wear/tear of screws and barrels
  • Technical support from concept design to tooling and production
  • Easily processable on standard injection modling machines
  • Furthermore there is a wide range of grades from 20 % – 60 % Glass Fibre Grades and 15% – 40% Carbon Fibres Grades

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Dirk Punke
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Phone: +49 441 9317-905