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Fibre reinforced laminates

We offer thermoplastic composite laminates (organosheets) in fibre-matrix configurations that are tailored to your specific application. In order to achieve an optimum result from material performance and material lightweight construction, we use woven (WF) as well as and unidirectional (UD) tapes in laminates. The types of fabric used differ in their weave type, fibre basis weight and the reinforcing fibre used.

Depending on the application, we can provide you with the optimum configuration of reinforcing fibre, fibre orientation as well as thermoplastic matrix for your specific application.

A few examples:

Spezifische Laminate aus unidirektionalen (UD) Lagen (zB. CF/PA6)

Specific laminate of unidirectional (UD) layers (for e.g. CF/PA6)

(0,90) Laminate aus Glasfasergewebe (WF) in 2x2 Köperbindung (z.B. GF/PP)

(0,90) Laminate of glass fibre fabric (WF) in 2×2 twill weave (for e.g. GF/PP)

Kombinierte Laminate (WFUD) aus einem quasi-isoptropen UD-Lagenaufbau mit zusätzlichen Decklagen aus Gewebe (z.B. CF/PA6, GF/PA6)

Combined laminate (WFUD) from a quasi-isopropene
UD-layer structure with additional cover layers of fabric (for e.g. CF/PA6, GF/PA6)

Furthermore we advise you on the composition of suitable material and fibre combinations for the laminates.

In addition, we offer you our support from concept development through tool manufacture to production. Do you need further information? Then contact us by e-mail or give us a call.

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