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Die Ursprünge des Unternehmens Cordenka liegen in der 1924 gegründeten Bayerischen Glanzstoff Fabriken AG, die Viskosegarne als The origins of the Cordenka company are to be found in Bayerische Glanzstoff Fabriken AG, which was founded in 1924. At that time, they produced viscose yarns as reinforcing agents for car tires. Back to the present day, the company has been headquartered in Obernburg am Main. In addition to two production facilities at the headquarters, there are further sites in Mühlhausen in Thuringia and Gorzów in Poland. The company actually produces over 50 percent of the global demand for industrial rayon, making it the world leader. An additional area of the company processes polyamide and polyester yarns into impregnated fabrics. Furthermore, Cordenka distributes sodium sulfate, which is a by-product of the viscose process, to the detergent and glass industries, thus counteracting unnecessary waste production.

High-performance fibers, viscose yarns and sustainability

In all its products, Cordenka focuses on maximum sustainability and environmental protection. Renewable raw materials, biodegradable fabrics and durable quality are as much a part of this as responsible production. Including sustainable waste, water and supply chain management.

Cordenka® Rayon – technical viscose yarn

Ausgangsmaterial für Rayon ist Zellulose (Zellstoff). Die daraus gesponnenen Garne werden unternehmensintern zu Geweben Basis material for rayon is cellulose (pulp). The yarns spun from this material are further processed in-house into fabrics. Due to its technical properties, the material rayon is still used today as a fabric insert in truck tires. Furthermore, the yarns and fabrics also reinforce hoses and are used within the scope of other industrial applications. Cordenka produces the yarn in different linear densities as well as a different number of filaments. In a cut version, the rayon short cut, the material can be further processed into fiber wadding, for example.

Cordenka® Growth – Innovation in landscaping

Yarns and fabrics used in landscaping and horticulture, also known as geotextiles, generally need to remain in place for only a limited period of time. If, for example, the concrete has hardened or the plant roots have taken hold and consolidated well in artificial soil layers, then geotextiles either remain in the soil or are disposed of. But synthetic materials decompose to harmful microplastics in the process. Cordenka competes with these products with rayon as a biocompatible material. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and, above all, has similarly good mechanical properties – making it ideal for use in professional landscaping and gardening

Sodium sulfate as by-product

It is used as a standard chemical in the production of detergents, cement or glass, among other things. Cordenka sells the sodium sulfate it produces in its water-free form.

Cordenka and BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites

Cordenka and BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites have been partners since May 2019. This due to the fact that Cordenka’s mechanically highly resilient products also show a lot of potential in thermoplastics. The cellulose fibers are used, among other things, as a raw material for components made of thermoplastics and are sold by BÜFA.

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